It was a summer of uncertainty for the only drive-in movie theater in Maine.

The 74 year old Saco Drive-In has been saved by Honda's Project Drive-In. The national campaign to pitted Saco against other states like Texas and California. Hundreds of thousands of votes were cast to give the Saco Drive in a new digital projector. Four other drive-in's will win a projector from Honda.

The film industry announced that 35-milimeter film was to no longer be used. That means drive-in's like Saco would need to cough up $75,000 to buy a digital projector. For a seasonal business, that just wasn't going to happen.

It's unknown how many votes put Maine in the winner column.

The Saco Drive-In is the second oldest drive-in movie theater in the country. When it opened 'The Wizard of Oz,' 'Gone with the Wind' and 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' premiered.