The "Santa Baby" plunge bra, among other things was the end of her.  Today, Washington County Commissioners fired county jail clerk Karina Richardson after determining she spent money from the "inmate's benefit" funds inappropriately.  A Waterville attorney hired by the County also found that money had been spent on other items such as a high end cell phone, books and a computer.

Karina Richardson said that she he expected to be let go after Sheriff Donnie Smith suspended her and Jail Administrator Robert Gross awhile back after suspicions began to surface.

Yesterday, the Washington County Commissioners heard testimony from Richardson, Smith, Gross and the Waterville attorney.  Apparently sometime during the night and this morning a decision was made to fire Richardson.  During the testimony Richardson said, " I didn't do anything that wasn't authorized by my supervisor. My reputation has been ruined over a bra.”

Richardson has had her job in the county since 2003.

Washington County Commissioners have asked the State Attorney General's office to investigate potential criminal charges.

The inmate's benefit fund has money in it intended to be used for phone use, cable TV charges, snacks, stamps and other things that would benefit an inmates stay.

Recently within  the Washington County Sheriffs Department, the Chief Deputy was let go and a jail worker was suspended and then quit after allegedly falsifying an attack outside of the jail at night.