I know, NOW WHAT. Still this is too tragic to keep to myself. I don't have kids but I read things like this and it still scares the pants off me. I admit I had never heard of "Fake Marijuana" Have you? Well then look on and warn your kids.

Teenage girl left brain damaged and paralyzed after smoking synthetic marijuana

Synthetic Awareness For Emily was founded by the family after Emily Bauer, 17, was stricken after smoking ‘potpourri.’  The teen  suffered a series of strokes that left her brain damaged and paralyzed after smoking “synthetic marijuana” that she bought from a gas station. Emily Bauer, 17, has also been unable to see since December when she smoked the “fake weed” with friends - prompting her family to launch a campaign to ban the substance.

Don't think it's close to home?

This is from November 04. 2012 from a New Hampshire newspaper

Synthetic marijuana still a problem in NH, despite new law

ALTON - When Allison Noyes found a small packet labeled "incense" in her son's pocket, she felt a swell of emotions. At first she was shocked, then angry. Most of all, though, she was scared. And still is.

One of her sons has had problems with prescription drugs like oxycodone. Now she worries her other son is using the drug of choice for many American teenagers these days - synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 and spice.


Two weeks ago, five ambulances were called to Manchester High School Central for students suffering drug-use symptoms. Police said one case was a reported overdose likely involving synthetic marijuana, and one student went to the hospital with an elevated heart rate and stroke-like symptoms after using it.

Please no.