The most popular movie by a long shot this past weekend in America was Divirgent, and it stars an actress that all of a sudden is the talk of the town!

Shailene Woodley, is the 22 year old who plays Tris in this movie set in a futuristic world.  In the movie society is split into five different factions supposedly to create ever lasting peace.  Now c'mon, is peace really everlasting anywhere?  Not in this movie.

You see on a given day of any year, all sixteen year olds must take a test and then decide where they belong.  Then the fun starts further down the road when just like any sixteen year old they change their mind and want to be somewhere else.  Yes there's young love, mystery and intrigue reminiscent of The Hunger Games that will surely carry this movie far in the land of tweens and young adults.

Shailene Woodley got her start in the movies by starring in The Descendants with George Clooney. She's also well known for playing Amy Juergens in the ABC Family network's The Secret Life Of The America Teenager.

Woodley was born in California and thought about studying interior design before becoming an actress.  With the now successful Divirgent, the first installment of the Divirgent trilogy by American author Veronica Roth, it sounds like Shailene Woodley will have steady work for quite awhile.

Gareth Cattermole - Getty Image