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Here's When The Hummingbirds Will Arrive In Maine
While shoveling the snow off the back deck this morning, my snow shovel slammed into the pole that will once again hold our hummingbird feeder, and it made me wonder when the cute little buggers would be showing up again someday.
How To Report And Monitor Power Outages
A Blizzard Warning is in effect, and 9 to 13 inches of snow may be on the way. Winds are expected to gust to 45 - 55 MPH in the Bangor area, so be prepared for power outages! Hold onto the following information:
U.S. Army Highlights Sgt. Marina Gray, Miss Maine USA
"Once I put my military uniform on, that is what takes precedence over my life," said Marina "Rosie" Gray, a native of Mt. Desert Island and Trenton. "I know that the military comes first and it always will."