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Rescued Family Reminds Us To Be Cautions On Maine's Frozen Lakes
With fresh snow fall all over the state many snowmobile enthusiasts are heading out on trails and lakes. One lucky man and his 12 year old daughter and her friend were rescued just yesterday after falling through the ice on a snowmobile. This reminds all of us how important it is to always practice …
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight's mystery gave credit on one of their albums to Ringo Starr as the cover's photographer and he is said to have directed a documentary about the band. Think you know who that band might be??
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tuesday’ mystery artist hold the top sell catalog track in iTunes history. Can you guess who they are or the top selling song??
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artist wrote a song about love that would be one of their biggest hits. However, when he first wrote the song it seemed to nicey nice and so he didn’t present it to the band until six years later. Can you guess the band or the song??
Acadia Video Looks Frankly At Bullying
If you have ever been the focus of a bully you know that it can turn life particularly school life into a living hell. I learned this myself as a kid so I am so pleased to see Acadia Hospital has addressed the issue adding a bullying video to their CARES program.
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artists classic rock status is in most minds limited to 5 band members. Truth be told though this band has had more than a dozen members over the decades. Can you guess who they are??
All-Female AC/DC Cover Band Is The Bomb
When I caught a story about this Seattle based all girl AC/DC cover band I thought no way this could be good. However, AC/DC fan that I am I had to check it out and I confess I was blown away.
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artists hold the record for always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. During their heyday they would have 5 songs go to #2 and no #1s. Think you know who they might be??
Time to get out of town and have a little fun ...indoor warm fun.
Maine Indoor Karting is located in Scarborough on 23 Washington Ave. just a stones

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throw from the Maine Mall.(if you have a really good arm) Open 7 day a week this looks like the answer to getting out of the house and out of town at the same time.
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artist claims his political affiliations have kept him out of the rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Think you know who he is??
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artists while in search of the band’s name would over the years be called the ‘Noble Five’ , ‘My Backyard’ and One Percent’ before settling on what we know them as today. Think you know who that is??
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artist has been in two successful band. In an odd but successful move he recorded an album with his new band covering songs from his old band. Think you know who he is or his current band??
Funny News Bloopers From 2017
We don't know about you but the past week or so has been a challenge given the temperatures and weather patterns. So why not block it from you mind for a moment or two and have a good laugh. No seriously it will still be there when you get back.