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WATCH Time-Lapse Video Of The Tides At Ellsworth's Harbor Park
Mother Nature is so very impressive.
Check out this time-lapse video taken before yesterday's storm of the tides going in and out at the town landing, just off Water Street in Ellsworth.  Boy , that's a lot of water moving in and out of Union River Bay...
How To Jump Start A Car
With temperatures well below zero this morning, a lot of cars and trucks just didn't want to start.  Do you know what to do when you jump into the driver's seat and turn the key only to hear that whirring sound and not the familiar sound of a happy and content engine...
Here Are The Hardest Jobs To Have During A Cold Spell In Maine
We know that a lot of people listen to classic rock here on I-95 while they're hard at work, so we told them to call in or post at I95Rocks on Facebook to let us know what they thought was the most miserable job to have here in Maine when it's seven degrees below zero.