There have been some loony looking lobsters caught this summer. This one is the craziest.
A Massachusetts lobster boat, made famous by the Discovery Channel show 'Lobster Wars,' The Rachel Leah caught quite the crustacean. Lola the six clawed lobster is four pounds and estimated to be around 10 years old. She was caught off the coast of Hyannis, Massachusetts.
Lola has one normal claw on the right side, the left claw is rather different. Her left claw has five claws in a 'handlike' pattern. This is believed to be a genetic mutation that might have occurred at birth, or a regeneration from a damaged or lost claw.
A few days after being caught, Lola has a new home in Maine. The Maine Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor expects to have her on display in the next few days.