Need a reason to love winter…take up skiing or snowboarding.  New research shows that more than other winter activities it can have a positive effect on your health and happiness

According to South Korean researchers the enjoyment garnered while skiing on vacation is sufficient to improve your overall happiness - even if you only get to the slopes a few time during the season

The research was conducted surveying 279 visitors at three major ski resorts in South Korea.

The split of participants was, 45 per cent skiers, 40 per cent were snowboarders and 15 per cent participated in both activities. And they averaged 4.5 days on vacation.  90 % went fewer than 5 times a year. More good news positive impact was notes for those who even made it to the slopes only once.

I can tell you this much from personal experience if it is new to you a few local lessons  on a smaller mountain before you spend the big buck on the major slopes will make it a much better experience.

The research was published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life.