Just like other in cities across the nation, government types in Bangor will address smoking in city parks.  Yesterday, the Government Operations Committee voted in favor of addressing a proposed ordinance that would set up smoking areas in city parks, and ban the use of tobacco outside of those areas.

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The city of Bangor has more than 30 public parks and recreation areas, including places like Cascade Park and the newly created Bangor Dog Park.  So, in the future if you want to enjoy a smoke during your lunch hour or while walking the dog, you may have to look for the signs and adhere to the law.

Of course smokers will oppose it and healthier types will try to make a healthier community for us.  The ordinance will be discussed and may be voted on by Bangor's nine-member City Council on January 28th.

This will be the fifth time the tobacco issue has been addressed.  What do you think?