I had to follow up on my Brain Cramp Question from this morning. Social media is harder to resist than cigarettes, alcohol, sleep or even SEX!

Here’s the deal. Smart dudes at Chicago University conducted a study examining willpower. Participants reported when they had desires, what they were, how strong they where and whether they gave into them.

The study found that when most ‘self-control failures’ occurred when it involved media like email, Twitter or Facebook. It’s believed the cause is because media surrounds us at all times. It’s far easier to look at your cell phone and check Twitter than find a spot to smoke, for example. Social media also doesn’t have adverse effects on people as well, like smoking or drinking.

Still, folks should unplug from media from time to time. Social media can ‘steal’ a lot of time from your day.

Now I’m going to go post this on Facebook…and watch that video with cute cats…and like this hot girl’s picture.