Some things are just meant to be.  How else could a guy be hiking down in a 350' deep slot canyon ravine and find a trapped puppy. I think he was guided by the Spirit. This video show you the beginning of the story of Riley and Zachary Anderegg as he saves the pup clinging to life from what must have seemed likes the depths of hell. In a daring act of humanity that trumped the deliberate savagery behind Riley’s presence in such a place, Zak single-handedly orchestrated a delicate rescue.  An amazing story of how God can use our compassion for animals to bring us healing too.  Turns out Zak had been ill treated when he was younger too and saving Riley changed his life.  Their story is also available in book form and you can follow the pair on facebook.

Zak posted this on Riley's facebook page and I liked it too.


Someone wrote this under the comments & I absolutely love it!!!

"After the creation of the world, the Great Spirit decided to separate the world of the animals and the world of man. And so he caused a great chasm to start upon the plains, the animals on one side and man on the other. And the chasm grew wider & deeper,and at the last moment, just before the gap would become so wide that it would forever separate man from the rest of the animals and be impossible to cross, Dog jumped across and stood with man"