OK, so I read the paper this morning and saw the headline "Domination Fetish Sheet among items seized in Zumba sex case investigation."  Wow, a domination fetish sheet, what the heck is that?

I "Googled" it, and nothing immediate came up......well, I didn't see anything right away, I mean.I ended up at a site called "Extreme Restraints" and didn't see any domination fetish sheets there.  So one has to wonder exactly what a domination fetish sheet is?  Is it like an oil pan, you put it down when things are gonna get messy?

Cops also found bottles of baby oil, other lubricants, condoms and other items in the Kennebunk office that is rented by the now infamous Alexis Wright.  All messy stuff, maybe the sheet really was for protecting the carpet.

Light was also shed on how the investigation began.  Apparently neighbors became concerned when pornographic videos featuring the Zumba instructor were found online.  This means that someone actually had to have done a "search" for Wright.  Probably some neighborhood boy who watched her pull up to the studio every day.  So....I did a search, and yup, there she was in her birthday suit dancing in front of a mirror at the Zumba studio.  She's not much of a dancer.

I didn't go any further than the dance video.....really I didn't.

After many anonymous calls from "concerned" citizens, the Kennebunk police department set up camp in front of a computer and watched many, many hours of porn allegedly created by Alexis Wright and her unsuspecting Johns.

Earlier this year police searched Wright's car, home and dance studio for clues on a website called 'Sensual Body Works by Lydia".  Cops eventually ended up talking to Lydia on the phone and set up "sex for cash."  Lydia, the police say, turned out to be Alexis.

So there now she sits, forever immortalized in that courtroom photograph -- the girl with  the very dark sunken eyes, the woman who allegedly kept meticulous sex records (would you give your real name to a hooker)? She holds the fate of more than 150 men. Thirty-nine alleged johns have had their names released, more on the way soon.

Someone better put down a sheet.