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The average person gains five pounds between now and New Years. my reply...Yikes! and no thank you. So how do I plan to keep myself in check? Well, I polled a group of trusted health sites including WebMD and the Cleavland Clinic to see if they felt there were some common denominators and here is my list of guidelines.


  1. Everyone seems to agree that the first important thing to remember when heading off to a Holiday function is don't go hungry.
  2. When approaching the buffet find the smallest plate you can to use
  3. If you are bringing a dish to the party make a healthier option you know you love, it's always a good choice.
  4. During the season remember to get moving a little more or at the very least not  skipping what you normally love to do. i.e. take a walk can really help your cause
  5. Watch your alcohol consumption like many other empty calorie beverages they can really add up.
  6. Be picky, if you are going to splurge on a sweet or holiday treat spend your calories on something you really love not just mindless munching or over politeness.
  7. When you can at a Holiday function make it more about socializing than eating.
  8. And finally, if you overindulge don't beat yourself up and go crazy.  The Holidays are meant to be a celebration so give it a shrug and do better  but don't give up.