Unconditional love is a hard thing to compete with, right? And who show that better than a dog, apparently not one in ten husbands.  I say this because in a recent study of 2000 women by a United Kingdom animal welfare group one in ten women claim they love their pet more than their partner, woof.

About one third says their husband or boyfriend tie for their affection with their pet. Meow!

And here is no big surprise over 50% said that if their partner did not want pets it would be a deal breaker and when they are upset they turn to their pet for comfort.  Proving again if you ask me when a woman is upset she needs comfort more than someone to fix it or talk her out of it…just saying.

Add to that a whopping 81 per cent of women consider their pets as part of the family.

Now guys your challenge is not to cop an attitude towards the pet.  Needless to say the relationship with a pet is simpler and even you enjoy the limitless affection and loyalty.  Nope, I’d say learn a little something from this and then let it go.

The experts agree the benefits of the love of a pet in hard times is that Pets can’t answer back with sarcastic comments or moan about the state of the house so it’s easy to have a blissful relationship with a pet, which can’t always been said of human relationships.'

Many women surveyed also said they let their pets sleep with them, give them treats and even buy them Christmas gifts.