This particular research was headed up by Dr. Denise Guastello, an associate professor at Carroll University, studied 600 students looking into the different personality traits that exist among cat and dog lovers.

The Students were questioned as to which personality traits they found to be most appealing in their pets. Nearly 60 percent of the participants recognized themselves as dog lovers and just 11 percent of them identified themselves as cat lovers. The remaining participants said they loved cats as well as dogs and didn't identify with either animal, according to

During the study it was also discovered that dog lovers are livelier, energetic and outgoing. Compared to cat lovers, dog lovers follow rules more strictly.

Conversely, cat lovers are found to be more introverted, open-minded, flexible and sensitive. They are non-conformists.

On an intelligence scale cat lovers scored higher than dog lovers.  Researchers believe this is in part due to the differing environments the two types prefer.

In the realm of relationship with their pets dog lovers rated companionship the most important quality while cat lovers found affection to be the most desired attribute.

These finding were presented at the annual Association for Psychological Science Meeting in San Francisco, mid-May.