I was scanning the web today looking for news.  What I found was Gerbil agility pageant.  Where they say : "Dozens of gerbils will compete for coveted ribbons based on their body type and color during an annual pageant this weekend in Massachusetts.  The page also goes on to say..."This site is dedicated to Gerbil,Gerbils doing Agility as well as other Rodents such as Hamster, including Dwarf Hamsters Agility, Mouse/Mice Agility, Rat/Rats/Rattie/Pet Fancy Rats Agility, Rabbit, rabbits, Guinea Pig/Pigs, and many other rodent types that enjoy spending time with their owners doing fun things.

So I asked the question, for crying out loud, how many types of agility pets are there?

And so I began to search...where else You Tube. You won't believe.