My mother always told me you have to be pretty smart to do something stupid for the first time. Might give you the impression that I was doing a lot of stupid things and yet according to research from Ohio University I have done relatively few of the stupid things that send masses of people every year to the ER. So once you have ruled out texting  while walking and running into a tree what other things might you want to avoid to stay out of the ER or maybe even the morgue??

  • Being Mr. Fixing Appliances. guys all over the place are lighting themselves up with electricity trying to fix things like toasters and blenders… need I say unplug it first? Apparently so. Electrocution deaths among men jumped 76 percent between 2008 and 2009--the last year for which data is available, according to a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Lighting Up Our Newly Legal Fireworks. Roughly 9,000 people end up in the Every year the ER sees about 9000 inept pyrotechnics wannabes.  How festive.
  • Drinking to Excess Near Water. According to stats from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention roughly eight adults die every day by drowning-and most them men and 70 percent of those deaths involve alcohol. Quite a party wouldn’t you say?
  • Hanging A Flat Screen TV. An amazing 215 people have been killed doing, or trying to do, just that!  Add to that from 2009 and 2011, about 19,000 people were sent to the ER by yet more falling televisions. I’m thinking hiring a pro might be the call of wisdom.
  • Working with Jerks Can Kill You. Bullies sucked in High School and looks like that doesn’t stop once you hit the workforce. Studies have shown a lack of friends in the workplace could lead to more work stress, which would explain the higher mortality rates.
  • Being King of the Grill. Grilling results in roughly 17,000 serious accidents annually, and many of those involve propane grills. When cooking with propane fires are common, and they're usually due to mechanical failure, shows a U.S. Fire Administration report.
  • Being Too Attached to Your Chair. Time to get up and move my friend many studied over the years have shown a direct correlation between too much sitting and an early death.
  • Driving the Day After a Snowstorm. Research from the University of California, Berkeley suggests folks assume since the storm is over they can resume their regular driving speed and habits.  But the reality is ERs see an increase of accidents and fatalities the day following snowstorms, go figure.
  • Working the Night Shift.  Not only is it no fun to be asleep when everyone else is awake and vice versa sleeping during the day can throw off your body’s clock leaving you all kinds of maladies.