On a recent list of what makes a great marriage or relationship I noted that common interests were and important part of camaraderie a wonderful foundation of memories of fun.  Add to that an article I saw today with suggestion of what those things might be I thought I’d share theirs and add a few of my own.

In the sports arena for couples a little rivalry is healthy. That said not everyone has the same level of athleticism and constantly getting your butt kicked isn’t that much fun so I’d try something your both good t or that is new to you both.

So under couple sports I’d file:

  • Tennis/Badminton:  Yard games are always fun or doubles tennis lessons could be the idea, very good exercise
  • Shooting Pool: A little strategy, some luck and a bit of physics
  • Walking/Hiking:  There are so many great hikes for every level in our area.
  • Water sports: Canoeing and kayaking relaxing and exercise too.
  • Horseshoes: A pit is easy to build and you’ll be surprised how fun it is

Under couple’s fun that’s less athletic entertainment I’d file:

  • Puzzles: I have an open porch with a roof over it and keep a puzzle going on it all summer
  • TV or better yet Movies: A good together date and if you can find a genre you both like endless conversation.
  • Card games or board games: For me it is Cribbage but I love learning new games and you might too. I.e. Poker, SkipBo, Hearts, Gin Rummy and that’s just cards board games go on for days.
  • Yard sales or Flea Markets : Just be sure you allow as much time for looking at tool and fishing rods as kitsch and clothes
  • Beaching it: Swimming, or just floating, pack a picnic of course.

Whatever you choose, my opinion is add in a good dinner or lunch and a drink if you like them and you’ve got a fun day and a good memory in the bank.