Super Bowl 47 is Sunday in New Orleans and everybody wants to know who's gonna win.

Depends on who you want to trust I guess... is a website that predicts the outcome of sporting events based on computer models and they ran Sunday’s 49ers vs. Ravens match-up through their system 50,000 times to see what the most likely outcome of the game will be.They are predicting the 49ers will win.

In their computer models the 49ers won the game 66.9% of the time, and scored an average of seven points more than the Ravens in the simulations. **FYI: This particular computer model has predicted the correct winner of seven of the last nine Super Bowls.

Me, I'm going with Princess the Camel..

Yes, you read that correctly. Here is a video of her picking last year's winner.

Princess, a 26-year-old camel at the Popcorn Park Zoo in central New Jersey, has been predicting the winners in seven of the last eight Super Bowls (including last year’s Giants win over the Patriots in the 2012 Super Bowl).

Zoo manager John Bergmann says that this tradition continues this year with Princess choosing a Ravens victory in the 2013 Ravens/49ers Super Bowl.

Bermann was surprised at this choice, as during the playoffs she picked the 49ers to beat the Atlanta Falcons (and was obviously correct), but chose the Denver Broncos over the Ravens.

Princess isn’t the only animal making Super Bowl predictions this year; a female orangutan named Siabu at Fresno, California’s Chaffee Zoo has chosen the 49ers to emerge victorious. Zookeepers gave Siabu a containing two blankets: one in the Raven’s black and purple color scheme and the other in 49ers red and gold colors. Siabu pulled out the 49ers-themed blanket to indicate her preference. But zookeepers caution that, unlike Princess, Siabu might not be the best to follow as her picks have only been correct about half the time.

Hey, we're going to listen to a Ground Hog on Saturday...

why not a camel on Sunday?