Surfer Dude: 1. Fox: 0.

Food stamps and who should receive them is a hot topic in Maine, and across the country. Jason Greenslate is a 28 year old rock n' roller from California, who's on food stamps. He buys lobster, surfs and rocks out opposed to getting a job. He's the perfect example of someone who shouldn't be receiving this assistance. However, when interviewed by captain popped collar, Fox News reporter Jesse Watters, he defends his lifestyle in the most 'radical'

When asked about his lifestyle looks to other Americans he simply replies 'It looks like a good time, man.'

Another highlight of this wonderful news segment: When asked if he knew he was contributing to the $17 trillion national debt, Greenslate responds with 'Do I have to apologize for the way the system's set up? I don't feel I need to apologize. It's just the way you're wording it kinda seems I'm getting the ruler on the hand, you know?'

Don't get me wrong, Greenslate is totally mooching off the system. But when it comes down to defending his right to rock, it's Greenslate for the win.

Greenslate says once his band Ratt Life makes 'a few million bucks' he'll be done with food stamps. When will that be? He says 'If everything's planned out right I should be off food stamps in a month.' Hey, it worked for Bruce Springsteen...