An explosion at a condominium duplex in Yarmouth this morning has left one resident there dead.  Peter Corey was killed at his home at 50 Gables Drive at 6:17am when a suspected propane explosion leveled his unit and damaged 10 others.

Yarmouth does not have natural gas service, so authorities suspect propane tanks that that were close to Mr. Corey's unit and shared by the other 13 units located in the duplex were the fuel for the explosion.

One person from Yarmouth who lives a half mile away said, "Our entire house just shook. I guess I was thinking it was like a sonic boom, I screamed up to my husband, who was in the shower."  Another said, "It was a massive explosion, it sounded like a humungous M80"!

Despite the explosion, there was no fire associated with the blast.  The State's Fire Marshall Office is investigating.