10 Dangerous Critters in Maine
Luckily Mainers don't have to worry too much about things like poisonous snakes or spiders, but the Maine outdoors are not 100 percent safe! Here are 10 critters that could be dangerous.
Woman Messes With Dog’s Mind Teaching It To Meow
Although I think it is a good thing to speak a second language I am not sure having the dog meow counts.  Regardless, since we are a culture of novelty lovers,  just because we can and so on this little guy is proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that between pleasing a human and getting a…
Curious Moose Checks Out Drone
I love moose not just because they are majestic but also because they are brave and seem to have a good sense of fun. This big girl was found by a Norwegian drone enthusiast while he was flying his camera equipped drone around the vast wilderness in his home country...