Eating a Chocolate Bunny (Poll)
It's a question that we just have to know the answer! When you get a chocolate bunny, where do you bite it first? Everyone is different, but I'm sure you chomp the same part every time!
National Egg Salad Week, Salute!
Well here we are...another Easter Sunday here and gone. Now the all American question is what to do with all the pretty leftover hard boiled eggs? Enter National Egg salad week. You know I can't make this stuff up.
One of the trickier parts of Holiday leftovers is how to make them into something…
Wascally Wabbit Or Wesurrections? [VIDEO]
One of the funniest rabbit tales I remember at Easter was a Mall in Ohio that ejected the Easter Bunny for being too religious.  He must have been a Catholic.  So why is there a bunny involved in the whole affair??   Prepare to be the smartest person at the Easter table:) From Pa…