Foxy Friday Face-off

Foxy Friday Face-Off: Jenny VS Kate [VIDEOS + POLL]
The results from last week's voting are in as actress Scarlett Johansson squeaks by actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and now  advances to the final round in the West!  What a future showdown it will be as she will go up against Jessica Alba!
Foxy Friday Face-Off: Kate VS Anna [POLL + VIDEOS]
Last week's Face-Off between Jessica Alba and Megan Fox was a knock down drag out fight to the finish as the two took to the mats intertwined in a sweaty hair pulling punch filled cat fight. Just imagine.  Hard to lose the image isn't it?  The final outcome saw Jessica taking 72%…
Foxy Friday Face-Off: Jessica VS. Megan [VIDEOS]
Our weekly quest for the foxiest continues!  Last week, our listeners voted Sports Illustrated supermodel Kate Upton into the next round, as she received 61% of the vote and sent actress Olivia Wilde into the land of semi-foxiness.
Foxy Friday Face-off: Scarlett Johansson VS. Mila Kunis
Last week our listeners voted our favorite on the field Red Sox reporter, Jenny Dell, into the next round. Jenny garnered 64% of the vote and left Wendy's burgermama, Morgan Smith Goodwin, in her dust.
This week's gonna be a tough decision, as we have two of the world's most beautiful …

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