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The Truth About Ice Cream And Summertime
I scream, you scream and apparently Mom screams because 40 percent of us are eating straight from the carton. It's true, in fact a new survey found 95% of people eat ice cream all year long, not just when it’s hot outside. Here are a few more results from the survey:

46% of people eat ice cream at le…
Maine’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is…..?
Twitter research between March 1 and May 18 of this year, mapped out all fifty states and which ice cream flavors each state tweets about the most. Overall, more than 30 million tweets about ice cream were sent out during that time frame.
Your Favorite Ice Cream, And What It Says About You
Baskin-Robbins and Ben and Jerry’s may brag about having a wide variety of ice cream offerings, but when it comes to choosing a favorite flavor, Americans stick with plain vanilla.
For the second straight year, vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor, according to a survey of ice…
How Long Will You Wait To Get Something Free?
What is it about free food that takes away all our natural good sense about standing in an hour long line for ice cream in March?  I have no idea either but that's what we'll all be doing next Friday. It's time for Gifford’s Ice Cream stands to kick off the 2013 s…