Strange Dreams? Blame It On The Moon.
Not too many things can affect the way a person dreams…outside of drugs and nicotine patched of course, but I mean regular stuff like the changes in seasons or days of the week, or so they thought.  Enter the full moon.
Brain Scan Shows Dogs Feel Love Similar to Humans
Kinda funny really if you are a pet person and you interact everyday with your animal you really know that there is a bond there beyond food and security.
Now a group scientists feel they have proof to silence all the nay sayers. The research originates from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, wher…
Genetics Make All Men Forgetful
Here is a piece of good news for guys…sorta.  If you have been beating yourself up about not being able to remember the name of your new coworker or your wife's birthday you are blissfully normal.
A new research report out of Sweden studies 48,000 people  asking them how often they had problems remem…
Wiggle Room Is Key To Success
Setting your goals high...and low has cropped up to be an integral part of enjoying success. Whether slimming down, saving money or improving their sports prowess, people do better with a range than a single number. That's the conclusion of an intriguing study of how consumers attain goals, whe…