AARP List Of Best Foreign Cities To Retire In
These days with Social Security in question half the time and the American economy allowing inflation to have its way wit us many retirees have decided to take the funds they do have and head for places that your dollar will go further.  OK, the beaches aren't bad either. So if you think Bangor is t…
Best and Worst Places To Retire
I hope to retire someday...maybe. And here is a surprise when you gauge a place for retirement by health care quality, cost of living, tax rate, crime rate, weather, well-being and walkability no place in Maine makes the list.  So where might you go??
Retirement Hobbies Keep You Sharp
If you have a bucket list for your retirement it may just save your life..or at least your brain.  Scientists said stimulating activities such as sport, reading, socializing and travelling, not only keep the mind sharp but also stave off depression that can set in when we suddenly stop working.…