Santa Signs For A Little Girl
Everything good, everything kind that is what Santa should always be. In this video I have never been so convinced that God give some special gifts to embody that jolly elf.
I dare you to watch this and not agree.
Santa Morphing Model [VIDEO]
I don't know if you caught my original post of the YouTube video showing how Photoshop pros take regular pretty looking girls and make them into a unrealistic image.  Well, leave it to Santa to make us all feel a little better about ourselves...
NORAD Teams Up With Microsoft To Track Santa in 3D
On Christmas Eve, you'll be able to follow Santa on popular tracking platform NORAD more closely than ever before, thanks to a 3D globe that lets you pinch and zoom to track St. Nick's whereabouts in real time.
Microsoft is partnering with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), to tran…