The I-95 Comedy Break

Here’s The I-95 Comedy Break for Wednesday
Craig Ferguson on a new museum in Sweden that features the band ABBA, Jimmy Fallon on Microsoft listening in on Skype conversations, and Conan O'Brien on Michelle Obama's comments on Barack's failures.  We've got it all.
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Here’s The I-95 Comedy Break for Friday
Jimmy Fallon on a new hot dog with bacon cooked into it, Conan O'Brien on JC Penny's new ads, and Jimmy Kimmel on Apple's fifty billionth downloaded app.  We've got it all!
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Here’s the I-95 Comedy Break for Wednesday
Today we have Craig Ferguson talking about his prostate exam, Jimmy Fallon talks about NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon selling his $30 million apartment, and Conan O'Brien hits on Chris Christie spending the day with Prince Harry.  We've got it all...

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