This morning I went for a walk in the rain with my friend Kathy.  We hadn’t seen each other in a while and had planned a morning walk only to wake to the familiar pater on window panes. She called me and said so what do you think?  My answer “Let’s go” Why not walk in the rain?

To encourage some, recent studies found out that this is a different approach in life to relieve stress and depression along the lines of a quote from Charlie Chaplin saying “people can’t your tears in the rain.” Me however, I don’t have to be sad to don my slicker and head out in a down pour.

I liken myself to more of a Gene Kelly attitude.  I mean once you’re wet you can really just go ahead and enjoy yourself.  No worries of looking pretty or too smart just a natural person enjoying yourself in the rain while others choose to complain.

I have never seen much use in complaining about the weather.  When I was little my mom always let us go outside and run around in the rain (careful the grass gets slippery) and I really like umbrellas and stomping in puddles.  Again, once your wet you might as well just have fun.

There’s also a myth that goes with walking under the rain.. they say that whenever the rainfalls, heaven opens, serving as  starting point  for us to try or not to try it.. The choice is yours.  Be happy or be sad the rains gonna fall regardless.