What are the tell tale signs of a "bad employee"? We all could rip off a few bad and irritating traits of some of our current and thankfully former co-workers, but the folks at Business Insider have come up with a list.  Maybe this could be a life changing moment for you.

Signs that you could be a bad employee.

  1. You're always late for work.
  2. You make a ton of excuses.
  3. You get fire red mad and always complain about unexpected assignments.
  4. You love to gossip about your co-workers, those idiots.
  5. You absolutely positively know that you've got to be the smartest person in the building
  6. You have no faith in your companies mission.  Why don't they follow your lead....cause, well, you know it all!
  7. You're noticeably less productive than your fellow and lady co-workers.
  8. Your fellow and lady co-workers make it known that they don't like working with you.
  9. You find yourself apologizing to people that you do business with.
  10. You can't take "no" for an answer.