Strange how life is sometimes.  I was having a conversation with a young person who told he knows young people who use 'Spice'.  They even convinced him to try is once.  I have to tell you a shock of terror went through me and I made him promise never again. Then today in the Bangor Daily News I read how some businesses in the area have agreed to stop selling it.  This is a big deal.

I remember what it was you be young and curious.  I have also read studies that show we don't operate out of the logic side of our brains until well into our 20s..translation youth does not always think it's actions and choices through to conclusion.

So let me remind you what the conclusion of Spice can be...

Meet Emily Bauer, a teenage girl left brain damaged and paralyzed after smoking synthetic marijuana.  Synthetic Awareness For Emily was founded by the family after Emily Bauer, 17, was stricken after smoking ‘potpourri.’  The teen  suffered a series of strokes that left her brain damaged and paralyzed after smoking “synthetic marijuana” that she bought from a gas station. Emily Bauer, 17, has also been unable to see since December when she smoked the “fake weed” with friends - prompting her family to launch a campaign to ban the substance.

Thank the responsible business owners and talk with your kids.