O.K. Men… do you… Find humor in your own farts and burps, eat fast food in the wee hours, love to play video games, have the urge to drive too fast or race other cars and do you snickering at rude words? If the answer is yes then good news you appear to be a normal male even if you are over 40.

A new British study, commissioned by Nickelodeon UK,  has identified the age at which men finally grow up -- and it's 43.

And here is the cause for friction with you and the girls, according to their similar research on women research provided that females mature around 32. Yup, that's 11 years earlier than their male counterparts.

Some of the other things men would or wouldn’t do that counted as grown up activities in the study were:

  • Not being able to cook simple meals.
  • re-telling the same old stories and jokes when out with the boys.
  • owning a skateboard or BMX.

Men don't dispute their immaturity. A quarter of the men surveyed described themselves as actively immature, and both men and women agreed that women mature much, much sooner.

Three in 10 women surveyed said they and ended a relationship because they found a man too immature, and eight in 10 believed men "never stop being childish."

On the bright side, almost one-third of those surveyed believed a little immaturity can be an asset when bonding with children.