Remember back in November when a local fisherman mistakenly put two buckets of scallop guts into the wrong car?  Andy Mays had been collecting parts of scallops for the Darling Marine Center, a University of Maine marine research facility in South Bristol.  He was to meet grad student from the Darling Marine Center at the Somesville One Stop and pass off the scallop parts to her for transportation.  When he got there he saw a car with University Of Maine license plates and he put the two buckets in the back of the car. Trouble is, he put the buckets into the wrong car.

When Mays came out of the store the car and the scallops guts were gone.

Mays had put the buckets into the backseat of a UM motorpool car being driven that day by Abigail Garthwait, an associate professor at UMaine, who had stopped at the one stop for a quick snack on her way to Orono.  She didn't notice the buckets until she stopped for gas later that day in Orono.

Of course the story made it into the newspapers and onto Facebook, and the scallop guts were eventually delivered to their true destination.

Before Mays had put the scallops into the bucket, had gutted the bivalves, isolated the gonads and stored them in formaldehyde. Now, this is where Stephen Colbert's people come in.

Last month show producers from the "Colbert Report" arrived in the area to follow up on the story, and here is what they came up with.  Enjoy.