Fumbling through various credit cards is no more!

Debit card, credit card, gift card, other debit card, another gift card and oh yes a few passes to Diamonds. All those things in my wallet can now be turned into one card...minus the diamonds passes...there from a friend...

'Coin' is a new digital card that stores all of the data from your various forms of financial plastic. It's a neat idea but with a few flaws. The cool idea behind Coin is it swipes like a regular credit card, but you can select which card your using. Loading card info is as easy as swiping the card you want into a small square device plugged into your smartphone.

If you stray far from your Coin a Bluetooth signal will alert you on your smartphone. Cool idea and a neat way to fight off theft, but I see it as a flaw. If you're phone and Coin are disconnected for more than 10 minutes Coin will disable. That could make paying for things interesting if your phone dies.

Coin is $55 and available for pre-order and will be officially released in 2014.