Municipal solid waste from Southern Maine has to go somewhere now that the Maine Energy Recovery Company in Biddeford has been shutdown, and the state's Bureau of General Services and Casella think it should be buried in the Juniper Ridge Landfill.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection Spokeswoman Samantha-Depoy Warren says there are 12 interveners who will be able to provide testimony and cross-examine other parties during the two-day public hearings next week. They are the cities of Old Town, Biddeford and Saco; Penobscot Energy Recovery Company, he Municipal Review Committe, Inc.; Old Town Fuel and Fiber; Ecomaine, Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp.; and Old Town citizens Ed Spencer, Laura and Harry Sandborn, Wanda and David Lincoln and Ralph Coffman.

Depoy-Warren says members of the general public who would like to sound off on the proposal have that chance on Tuesday night, or they can always submit written comments as well.

The two days of hearings are set for Tuesday, April 9th and Wednesday, April 10th in Augusta from 9-5 at the Governor Hill Mansion at 136 State Street.

The open public comment period is scheduled for Tuesday evening starting at 6:30pm.

Depoy-Warren says the Maine DEP prioritizes reducing, recycling, reusing, composting and waste-to-energy, with landfilling as a last resort in the waste management hierarchy.

You can get more information about the Juniper Ridge Landfill proposal by visiting the DEP website.