In yesterday's edition of the Bangor Daily News it was reported that the City of Ellsworth would be looking into various ways to "tweak" Myrick Street, that discombobulated stretch of intertwining pavement that has caused everyone from grandmothers to street racers to momentarily pause, give thought, then close their eyes and floor it, hoping for the best.  Like a quarter mile demolition derby amidst the flying Wal-Mart bags, this once stretch of curving desolate country road has materialized into a portion of to and from "The Island" that is feared by many.

It was nice to hear the City Manager, Michelle Beal, say that the road had been "over-engineered".  Suddenly a lot of motorists (people that drive vehicles), don't feel so inept as they once did.

Check out the full BDN story here:

Once again thanks to the City for paying attention to people's concerns and let's hope for a straighter ride!

Now, let's talk about the Maine Coast Mall parking lot.  Do you enjoy puzzles?  What's the success rate for making it from one side to the other?  Are you feeling lucky?