I’m not sure if it is a sign of age but I really hate it when stuff I am use to and like goes the way of the dodo.  That said I guess everything has it’s time and here we go again.  Smartphones and tablets appear to be kicking the snot out of many everyday devices so if you like them stock up now on the following:

Threatened tech

1.       Alarm clocks replaced by Smartphones

2.       Stand-alone GPS  replaced by Smartphones

3.       iPod docks replaced by streaming & streaming apps.

4.       Flip cameras replaced by Smartphones

5.       Blu-Ray players replaced by tablets

6.       DVD players replaced by tablets

7.       Watches replaced by Smartphones

8.       Blackberry

9.       TV remote control replaced by Smartphones

10.     Small portable TVs, replaced by tablets

Good news for me is I own relatively few of these things so it won’t be too bad.  I will miss my remote though.