According to documents obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, the mystery Google barges moored in the harbors off San Francisco and Portland will eventually be Google Stores.

Each barge will be a launching pad for Google's new "Google Glass" product. A as yet to be released computer product that resembles eye glasses.  According to Google's site, Google Glass will translate printed languages in real time, allow you to share recipes with friends while your cooking, all hands free.

Critics have privacy concerns.  Some say that the new product may include face recognition software which may instantly bring up personal information from sites like Facebook when the glasses are aimed at you in a crowd. Time will tell.

The two barges will be joined by a third and will be moored off the coast of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.   The barge that is currently moored in Portland Harbor will be moved to one of the three locations after worked being done by Cianbro Corp. is completed.

The barges hold a structure that is made of re-cycled shipping containers that are bolted together and may be disassembled and then reassembled at another location. For what Google calls "upscale customers", each barge will have an "invitation only" deck where the big wigs can hob knob and learn more about future Google products.