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03/07 The average man will buy 13 of these. The average woman will buy 13. What are they? Bottles of wine.

03/06 Our consumption of this product has dropped 50% in the last 60 ears. What is it? Coffee.

03/05 Both men and women buy this every year-and-a-half. What is it? Cell Phone.

03/04 A Facebook survey reveled 56% of women say a guy is more attractive if he's doing this in his profile picture. What is it? Holding a musical instrument.

02/28 A survey shows that most men have 2 of these while women have 4. What are they? Pillows

02/27 Those who have desk job tend to do this twice as much as those who do manual labor. What is it? Eat

02/26 Only 5% of movies released each year have this in common. What is it? Rated G

02/25 1 in 24 U.S. drivers have done this in the last 30 days. What is it? Fallen asleep at the wheel! YIKES!

02/21 A survey of women shows THIS is the worst activity for a first date. What is it? Mini Golf

02/20 What do 'pretty people' enjoy more than the rest of us? Sleep!

02/19 A survey shows Florida as the state most Americans would like to live in. What state was last on the list? Alaska

02/15 The #1 comfort food for women is ice cream. What's #1 for men? Soup

02/14 31% of married men admit they've never done this. What is it? Sent their wife flowers

02/13 A survey of Facebook users found that the #1 reason to unfriend someone is negativity. What is #2? Posting political views.

02/12 A recent poll shows that people hate THIS noise the most while at work. What is it? Sneezing or coughing

02/11 Somehow, February is the best month for this. What is it? Drive!

02/8 There are more of these than there are people in Japan. What is it? TVs

02/7 According to a recent poll, the #1 thing women judge men on is their teeth. What's #2? How they talk/Grammar

02/6 The average man says he can do this in 60 seconds or less. What is it? Get dressed

02/5 According to Tech World statistics, this item is outselling the iPod. What is it? Hearing Aids

02/4 1.5 million Americans will do this today. What is it? Call out sick

02/1 Thanksgiving is the #1 eating day in the country. What is #2? Super Bowl Sunday!