Coolers have been around since the dawn of time and finally someone noticed they really haven't changes.  So here is what the next millennium of coolers may just look like. I hope so.

The project is currently just a few days into a Kickstarter campaign but has already racked up more than ($2 million) from more than 10,000 backers

What Makes THE 'COOLEST' Cooler so Cool?

  • 18v battery-powered rechargeable blender
  • Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • USB charger
  • LED lid light
  • Gear tie-down
  • Cooler divider/cutting board
  • Extra wide easy rolling tires
  • Integrated storage for plates and knife
  • Bottle opener

And great new...sorta the Coolest can be bought by residents of the U.S. now for $165 but you'll have to wait until the release date around February 2015, although higher pledges get access to earlier releases - and for $2,000 the inventor himself will attend a party you host.