At the steep price of $2575 per night, this oceanfront property better deliver with incredible views, stellar amenities, and a memorable stay. Luckily, it does all of those things.

Imagine waking up to the ocean waves crashing right outside your bedroom windows. The sound of the ocean would rock you to sleep at night while the sunrise serves as a natural alarm clock.

Once awake, why don't you enjoy breakfast in this state of art kitchen. Enjoy your morning coffee and catch up with your favorite book in front of the fireplace on the cozy living room couch.

The newly built home on Moody Beach can accommodate 10 guests in it's four bedrooms and three plus bathrooms. You'll have use of paddle boards, surf boards, kayaks, and volleyball nets among other recreational equipment.

So, let's do the math, 10 guests can split $2575 per night... That's only $257.50 per person! Oh wait, there's a 5 night minimum? Anybody have a dollar I can borrow?