Walking Dead nerds, prepare to party!

The Walking Dead has inspired podcasts, one-man plays and now a convention, aka NERD PARTAAYYY! Next month Atlanta, Georgia plays host to the very first Walking Dead convention. The Walker Stalker Con is expected to draw 10,000 attendees November 1-3.

The convention will feature appearances from Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes; Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie and (ladies keep it together) crossbow wielding Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon.

Also a part of the event, Robert “IronE” Singleton's one-man play called 'Blindsided by The Walking Dead.' Singleton played T-Dog in the first three seasons of the show. In his play he portrays 18 different characters, as he describes growing up in Perry Homes housing project in the middle of Atlanta's crack cocaine epidemic.

The Walking Dead's season four premier saw record viewership, at 16.1 million viewers.