We've been up all night counting the votes on our fingers and toes, and we finally have a winner in our "Favorite" TV Newswoman in Maine contest! Now, don't get this confused with our "Hottest" TV Newswoman contest. Remember, that was something different. ;)

Let us just first say that ALL of the lovely ladies featured in our poll have tons of fans based on the more than 6,500 votes cast in the past few days from 45 states and 14 countries! But the title (and all the fame and fortune that goes with it) goes to WABI-TV's Carolyn Callahan!

On a more serious note, we would like all of the newswomen featured in our poll, and even those that were not, to know that you are all well respected for the job that you do. Each and every day, you put "yourselves out there" to the viewing public, and we know that a lot of days it's not an easy gig. Finding the story, good or bad, and then presenting it in a way that we can all appreciate. We have always admired you for that.

You're all very beautiful in your own special way.

Now back to the matter at hand. Here's a sample of Carolyn's fine work:

And just because we feel like it, here's a bonus video of Lindsey Mills of WVII with the Harlem Globetrotters:

And just one more of WCSH's Jackie Ward on the Late Show with Danny Cashman!

Now that we're finished with that, it's time to decide who is Maine's Studliest TV Newsman!

Wait! Are you going to make us change this to "Favorite," too?