On Sunday I was out watering Mom's garden when what I thought was the smallest Hummingbird I had ever seen was bopping and darting from bloom to bloom to take an obvious sip. Amazingly enough it didn't seem to be bothered by me ay all so I took a moment to look more closely. A fat little body, nearly invisible wings making that undeniable Hummingbird hum, a small fan like tail and...Feelers? So I looked again and yes this little guy had dark feelers sticking up out of his head. That when I had to except the almost magical reality that my little friend was indeed a moth. A beautiful, adorable moth that looked and acted like a Hummingbird in every way. Mom saw it too and we discussed how amazing that was on our way to the movies.
Later on when I got home of course to prove to myself I wasn't losing my mind I typed in Hummingbird Moth and low and behold there it was. Amazing! And I feel so incredibly blessed to have seen one so close.
The video is a bit long but it was really the best I found to share my experience with you.