Is nothing sacred.  I mean really does everything have to go defunct?  First Randy leaves Idol and now this...

According to the ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The next Miss America won't hear a familiar refrain when she's crowned in Atlantic City, N.J., in September.

The song, "Miss America," which starts with the words, "There she is, Miss America," will not be part of the pageant.

Miss American Organization Vice President Sharon Pearce tells The Press of Atlantic Citythat the tune, which was first played in 1955, is no longer included. She says no decision has been made on a final song.

The song was replaced by instrumental music at the 2013 pageant in January after the widow of the songwriter filed a licensing lawsuit in federal court in California in 2012. The complaint was dismissed in December following a confidential settlement.

Who wants to bet they'll make a reality show out of finding the next song.

In case you forgot...

There She Is, Miss America" by Bernie Wayne

There she is, Miss America

There she is, your ideal

The dreams of a million girls

Who are more than pretty

May come true in Atlantic City

Oh she may turn out to be

The queen of femininity

There she is, Miss America

There she is, your ideal

With so many beauties

She'll take the town by storm

With her all-American face and form

And there she is

Walking on air she is

Fairest of the fair she is

Miss America