Happy Birthday, iPhone!

Yesterday marked the day Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, seven years ago. When Jobs pushed Apple into the cell phone market he wanted iPhones to make up 1% of the market by 2008. Today iPhones make up 12.9% of the market share.

It's incredible how many features the iPhone has introduced to the mobile phone market. Over the years the iPhone has emptied our pockets of gizmos that are now collecting dust.

Here's a list of things the iPhone killed:

Alarm Clocks

Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images

Awkward Eye Contact

Bob Couey, Getty Images

Point and Shoot Cameras

David Becker, Getty Images


Mark Kolbe, Getty Images


Joe Raedle, Getty Images


Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Table Manners

Thomas Lohnes, Getty Images

Our Attention Span..SQUIRREL!!

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

IPhone, you're one cold blooded killer!