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As a DJ for almost ten years, I've had my share of angry customers. I've had glasses thrown at me and of course, people threatening to fight me, ALL OVER A SONG! Little do these morons know that DJ's tend to have very tight security. Unfortunately in this case, the security guard became the victim.

Dion Sr., Dion Jr., and Dorian Day were all arrested after they started a brawl at a bar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They say the DJ refused to take requests, sparking their anger. A security guard asked the men to leave as it was 2AM and time to close. That's when the family members started attacking the bouncer. Subservience videos show the three dudes kicking the guard in the face and body, while he was on the ground.

They where arrested for inciting a riot.

Let me give you the DJ prospective. Requests are either secondary or primary to a DJ. Most nightclub DJ's don't take requests because it disrupts the flow of music the DJ is trying to create. Also when your babbling drunk and can't tell the DJ the damn title of the song...it gets old.