I was shocked to read today that it was only a little over 7 short years ago that Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. In the seven years since its introduction, the iPhone has added more and more features to make it just about the only thing you need in your pocket. Here are a few things that it has replaced:

  • Road Maps - The days of a big paper road map taking up half of your car are fading.
  • Table Manners -Talking to a loved one at dinner can wait. There's food to Instagram and tweets to read.
  • Alarm Clocks -When waking up in the morning your favorite song is way better than harsh beeping.
  • Point-and-Shoot Cameras - For convenience, size, speed and price, many have started using the iPhone as their main camera instead of a point-and-shoot model.
  • The iPod -For more than three years, iPod sales have been on the decline as Apple users opt for iPhones and iPads instead.
  • Our Attention Span

What could be next:)